Sebastien, our sponsored child

Sebastien, our sponsored child
Sebastien is a tiny eight year old!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Volunteering at God's Littlest Angels In Haiti...

Now that the word is getting out that Rachel and I have applied to volunteer at God's Littlest Angels orphanage, I wanted to give you more information on how I learned about GLA and why I chose this particular orphanage.  Before the earthquake in 2010, there were "approximately" 380,000 Haitian orphans.  I say approximately because there are hundreds of orphanages in Haiti, and not all were registered with the government or UNICEF before this time.  It is also estimated that 2% of orphans were killed in the earthquake, but sadly now countless more replace them.  And this number doesn't even take into consideration the number of restaveks, or child slaves, in the country. 

Anyways, I have always been fascinated by the world of adoption and have always wanted to adopt a child of my very own.  THIS IS NOT WHY I AM GOING TO HAITI!  So, let's lay that on the table right now.  Everyone in my family would have to be on the same page about adoption, and until that time (or "if" that ever happens), we will just continue to support orphans in other ways (more about that later).  "Adoption Stories" on TLC (I believe) had two separate episodes where  families adopted from GLA.  GLA is run by an Americans John and Dixie Bickel.  Dixie is a pediatric nurse and established the orphanage in the '90s.  In addition to the orphanage itself, they provide supplies and outreach to the surrounding communities, run a school sponsorship program, have a NICU, and the list goes on and on.  Most importantly, they have a well-established volunteer program.

So, where do Rachel and I stand in the process as of today?  We are awaiting security clearances and a firm date on our travel dates.  We are aiming to go in January 2013, as they are BOOKED though September for volunteers, and we need that time anyways to raise funds.  Also, in January, Rachel will be on winter break for college.

We sponsor and eight year old boy named Sebastien at the orphanage.  It's $30 per month and I pay it through PayPal, and we can even send him stuff directly which is wonderful!  The kids are really getting a lot out of it.



  1. Hey, Girl! I'm so glad you are going! So cool to see a little spark of a dream right after the earthquake grow and come to fruition. Looking forward to helping along the way if I can :) You rock!

  2. We will probably fall out of the sky like a rock when the plane crashes, but I figure I have a while yet to work on my phobia of flying!